What is a donation ware ?

First, a donation ware is simply a free software, without limitation: you could use it for your own applications or for professional tasks and so on. The programmers and the different tools are paid with your donations.

Why donate ?

It's important to make a donation to support the development of the software, motivating all the project developers. Don't forget that the development is made by volunteers. Without your donation the project development would be stopped. Note that, if our software licenses change, all the correct donators will benefit of free upgrade.

How to donate ?

It's very simple and secure with your Paypal account. If you don't have a Paypal account, it's quick and simple to create your own one, and so make a donation.

How much must I donate ?

We don't stipulate a minimal donation amount. It's just what you want! Note that donation must be correct (avoid 0.01$, we don't receive anything due to Paypal fees...).

What do you do with our donations ?

Well, we don't spend lot's of money in beer or foods ;) ...
First the money pays the website hosting. After we spend the money in development tools.

Are donations sufficient now ?

For the moment, the donation amount is just sufficient to pay the web hosting.
We don't have enough to buy other tools.

You can support the wavosaur development:
Thanks to our 831 generous donators*.
* All correct donators will benefit from a free version of Wavosaur and lifetime free update if the license change.
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