How to edit loop points with Wavosaur


Check the "Loop" button in the transport bar.
Now the playing is looped (on selection or on the entire file if there's no selection)


Make a selection with the mouse. You can use the mousewheel to zoom in/out, and right click+drag to move the view.


Go in menu Tools>Loop>Create loop points.
You can also press "L" on your keyboard, wich is the shortcut for inserting loop points on selection.


Loop point are inserted at selection start and selection end. You can drag the loop points with the mouse. Double click anywhere inside the loop points makes a selection.
If you save the file, the loop points are stored in the .wav and are recognized in software samplers, sequencers, and other audio applications.


If you are making rythm based loop, the "selection grid lines" can be useful for quick looping.
Go in menu Option>Selection grid lines..


With selection grid line actived, lines are drawed to show 4 beats in the selection. You can edit the wavosaur.cfg file to change the number of beats, find the line "SelectionGridLineNumber" and edit the number..

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