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Wavosaur screenshots : editor and audio features

Audio editing, spectrum analysis, VST rack and other tools, this section shows you screenshots from the differents windows of the Wavosaur free audio editor.
Click on the image to open a larger view.

Wavosaur main editor view Wavosaur free audio editor main view
The editor view lets you visualize a faithful representation of your audio files, without graphic aliasing.
Multiple document edition Wavosaur multiple document view
You can edit multiple documents in one session, copy from one file to another, paste in new file.
2D spectrum analysis window Wavosaur spectrum analysis window
You can display the spectrum of an audio selection, this graph lets you visualize the frequency distribution.
2D spectrum comparison Spectrum comparison in Wavosaur
Frequency spectrum views can be memorized. Several display options are avalaible.
3D spectrum analysis 3D Spectrum analysis
In this window you can see a tri dimensional view representing the amplitude/frequency/time distribution
Sonogram window Sonogram view in Wavosaur
This window displays a black&white sonogram of the selected audio part.

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