Wavosaur development history

20-may-2023 version

- New VST dialog box for plugin GUI:

  • Resizing bug fixed
  • Plugin name and dll name display
  • Status bar, menu and toolbar for plugin control
  • Mute button fonction to disconnect plugin
  • Load & save banks and presets
  • Resizable VST GUI full support
- New "VST/Midi bridge":
  • VST parameter are now management via midi CC (see manual for more detailled infos)
  • Update of midi configuration dialog box
- New "VST Tweaker":
  • Display of all VST parameters
  • Support of VST without GUI
  • Parameter value, label and name displayed
  • Usable with mouse wheel
  • Configurable view for low/high res screens (saved in ini file)
- New "VST Scanner":
  • New scanner with independant processing of plugin to avoid crash with unstable plugins
  • Use of WavosaurVSTScan.exe mandatory (same directory)
- VST Rack:
  • Mute added in popup menu (mute the selected plugin)
  • VST plugin properties dialog box
  • No window close on 'return' key pressed
  • Renaming of plugin in rack and list
  • Host support for open/save dialog
  • Support of parameter automation
  • Option to keep VST rack (saved in wavosaur.sor) to reload it at startup
- MP3 decoding bug with corrupted files fixed
- Playbar resynchro during selection change for loop
- Vu meter, Widget and VST processing bug fixed (for file closed)
- New Wavosaur debug features:
  • New dialog box in help menu
  • Code from Wavosaur support to activate debug functions
- Optimisation audit & task force for timing and speed:
  • Player, widget global graphic interface
  • Full display for zoom
- New recent file dialog box:
  • New dockable (left/right) and reziable dialog for recent file
  • All recent files are saved in wavosaurrecentfiles.ini file
  • Name and path views
- New file browser dockable dialog box:
  • Simple and efficient file tree with audio
  • Double click to load file
  • Path saved wavosaurbrowser.ini file
  • File filters fully editable in ini file
- Editor frame rate is now available un cfg file for advanced users
- Sampling rate and audio device are now on the main frame pane
- Double click on dB bar (channel solo) change without select all
- Audio driver:
  • Relaunched after audio configurations
  • Bug corrected for 24bits drivers (LSB)
  • Compatibility improvement for ASIO4all change of buffer size
  • Correction for multichannel drivers
  • Sample rate frequency detection
- Midi:
  • Midi panning correction
  • Midi commands are now in fully editable "wavosaurmidicommand.ini"
  • Evolution UC33 midi controller compatibility improvement
- New toolbar size, buttons added for oscillo & sonogram
- Main frame: filter to aifc, aff and snd added in open dialog box

24-jul-2020 version

- New realtime resampling algoritm for sampling different frequency of player

- Offline resampling:

  • New dialog box management
  • New downsampling options: medium and high band limited quality
  • Memory leak bug fixed
- Vu-meter widget bug fixed

- Progress dialog box :
  • Time remaining added
- Sonogram:
  • New logarithmic scale option
  • Display optimisation
  • Progress bar during computing
- Horizontal marker value display behavior improved

- NEW realtime Oscilloscope v2:
  • Ouput waveform analysis with electronic oscillocope philosophy
  • Color of most common oscillo
  • Trigger run and pause
  • Synchro on falling or rising edge
  • Trigger value and position with mouse
- Reminder popup bug fixed in case of undo

15-may-2020 version

- Synthesis:

  • Linear sweep
  • Exponential sweep
- Host VST transport changed flag bug solved)

- Sonogram:
  • Black/white and white/black color added
  • Better management of saturation level
  • Sample display avoid recalculation
  • Button sample display on by default
  • Computation optimisation
- sonogram widget

21-apr-2020 version

- "View Widget" added (in View menu)

- Redo:

  • Full support for all features
  • All in RAM option (recommended for x64), option in editor configuration dialog
- VST Rack:
  • Popup menu on right click on VST rack
  • Add VST with double click on VST list
  • Popup menu on right click on VST List: suppress & add to rack
  • Bug fix for Idle message from some old VSTs
  • Support of keyboard keys (suppr)
- Select from start or stop menu added (in Edit)
- Batch processor VST processing bug fixed

- Progress bar:
  • Percent progression added
- Bug fix for global display for Windows 10 resizing

20-mar-2020 version

- Normalize menu bug fixed
- Batch processing:

  • normalize -3dB added
  • mp3 320 kbit/s
  • directory path saved for folder browsing dialog box
- Convert to stereo bug fixed
- New Sor file format
- Data extract/write optimized
- Time bar: click on time bar to change current position
- DBbar:
  • double click support to select entire channel
  • simple click to select/deselect the channel
- New Widget: player chronometer
- AIFF file support:
  • Sampling frequency bug fixed
  • 12, 24 & 32bits file support
- AIFC file support: (AIFF with AIFC file format)
  • Edition
  • Batch processing
- AU file support: 24 bits, 32 bits, A-law, float & double
- VOC file support: 8 bit import
- Import binary:
  • 32 bits & 64 bits float big endian byte order support
  • 8 bits u & A law support
- Export binary:
  • 32 bits & 64 bits float big endian byte order support
  • 8 bits u & A law support

25-feb-2017 version

- Discover new Wavosaur Widgets: Widgets are plugings completely dockable windows with high performance measurements for various audio parameters:

  • Real time ouput FFT (multichannel)
  • RMS power measurements
  • Scope mode for output signal visualization
  • Panning for stereo analysis
- Lot's of bug corrections/optimizations x86 & x64 bits

+ Channel processing
- Auxiliary left and auxiliary right channel convertion to mono
- Convertion to mono optimized with mix of only selected channels

- New "Select all" feature on right click
- New FXP and FXB management with strong support of Steinberg VST program and bank files

12-aug-2016 version

- New spectrum analysis: with precise real time display!
- Output routing is in cfg file
- New option to keep *.rec files (in case of crash)
- Oscilloscope bug fixed for sample view
- Mp3 decoder bug fied (synchro during decoding, without user impact)
- Transport playing flag for VST plugins
+ New time bar:
   - Selection
   - user view
   - flickering improved
+ New keyboard control:
   - to avoid switch to mainframe view for spectrum analysis/sonogram & 3d view keyboard shortcuts
   - wavosaur.keys : lot's of wavosaur shortcuts are now customizable in this "ini" format file (editable)
   - new "Keyboard shortcuts" configuration dialog box: in menu "Option"

02-dec-2013 version

+ 64 bit version : Wavosaur now runs natively on 64 bit Windows systems, and load 64 bit VST plugins, the 32 bit version of Wavosaur is also available
+ VST Host bugfix : fixed bug with "input pin", it was causing "Izotope" VST plugins to stop working

01-jul-2013 version

+ New VST Host:
- VST is now full compliant with 2.4 Steinberg SDK
- VST Host lots of bugs fixed
- Scan options added: VSti filter, sub directories, add VST to the current list
- Suppression of items inside the VST list
- New VST rack and list visualisation
- Drag and drop between list and rack, and inside the rack
- VSTi different icons between instruments and effects
- Apply bug fixed
- Batch processor bug fixed for VST Chain feature

+ Audio input:
- New record menu
- Hot plug support
- buffer loses bug fixed
- visual indication during recording: duration indication and record button blinking

+ Audio ouput:
- hot plug of audio devices support
- Volume dialog updated with purcentage display

+ Vumeter:
- more precise display for 30dB scale
- 120dB scale added
- Display options: thin, medium and large
- Color change

- Audio critical section added to improve stability
- Buffer out block size up to 4096 samples
- Cfg file format change (always editable in text editor like notepad)
- Auto update check added: this option could be deactivated in configuration dialog box
- Aiff file bug fixed
- DC remover selection bug fixed

28-dec-2012 version

Frequency editor:
- New memory manager: different type of curves (channel, buffer size) are displayed
- New FFT computation, with selection of buffer size
- zoom in zoom out with button, mouse and keyboard
- navigation inside the wave file with keyboard and toolbar
- Find peak tool
- Open and save as feature to load and write computation files to hard drive
- Selection bug fixed

New Sonogram:
- Saturation level added
- Window is now stand alone
- Window is resizable
- Windowing, data size, et FFT buffer size are configurable in a new dialog

- New high performance filter added: with new dialog box for customizations of frequency, type and precision
- Band pass and notch recursive filter with new dialogbox for property choice

more :
- VST GUI dialog box size bug fixed
- VST properties diplayed in the VST rack manager
- High precision FFT pitch shift added in process menu
- Color configuration added: all the colors of Wavosaur are modifiable
- Volume dialog box is now dockable in the right or the left corners of the mainframe

02-jan-2012 version

+ batch processor has been entirely rewritten.
- subdirectories are now processed too

- RAM usage optimized
- Memory leak removed
- CPU usage improvements
+ minor bugfixes

+ VST:
- VST plugin compatibility improved
- Fixed crash with some VST plugins when scanning

- Popup menu added on time bar (right click) to change time format
- Resample check box memorized

05-nov-2012 version

VST update:
- VST host interface changed
- Arrows added to change the position of the VST
- new button disposition at the left of the dialog box
- Support for deprecated VST Idle message increased

MP3 import:
- Mp3 decoder optimization
- RAM usage during import
- file decoding improved

- Real time sonogram: saturation level could be change with mouse wheel
- 3D frequency editor: mouse wheel support added for zoom in/out

Frequency editor:
- New windows with status bar and tool bar
- Window can be toogled to mainframe
- Cursor added with mouse control

- Lowercase file name bug fixed

time bar display changed:
- minute format added
- dynamic display

- New dialogbox for new file: possibility to choose duration or sample number
- Synthesis: new dialog box with note choice with octave and semitone choice

- New tool: note frequency calculator

02-jan-2012 version

+ batch processor has been entirely rewritten.
- subdirectories are now processed too

- RAM usage optimized
- Memory leak removed
- CPU usage improvements
+ minor bugfixes

+ VST:
- VST plugin compatibility improved
- Fixed crash with some VST plugins when scanning

- Popup menu added on time bar (right click) to change time format
- Resample check box memorized

06-jun-2009 version

- Display engine ram usage optimized
- Memory leakage removed
- Paste mono is now supported for multichannel files

+ Export file as binary added:
- 8,16,24,32,64 bits support, float, pcm and little and big endian
- no header or chunk added, just raw datas

+ New 3D frequency editor:
- independent window with menu, toolbar and status bar
- new 3D and color representation
- increase computation speed and display
- mouse support to rotate the current view
- zoom in/out
- Time format (time bar and status bar) is now global and saved in cfg file

+ VST:
- VST host tempo added in editor configuration dialog box
- VST rack slot full replaced by replacing command
- Various icon bugs fixed
- SamplePos now supported (VstTimeInfo)

- Amplitude zoom short cut added Ctrl+up or down arrow

+ Undo:
- unlimited undo!
- behavior and ram usage improved
- lots of action are now "undoable": marker and loop position, volume enveloppe etc.
- Bit depth converter dialog box bug fixed
- Save and Save as engine recoded
- Modified flag added: reminder dialog box is now after file modifications (option still exist to deactivate, but only for advanced user)
- Unlimited marker number

13-dec-2008 version

- Shift + click behavior added
- Playbar bug fixed
- MP3 bug fixed (truncated files)
- Check box on Time bar added
- Middle button bug fixed (scroll bar and time bar)
- Unselect shortcut added : Ctrl+Shift+A
- Output volume dialog box added to control general output volume ('View' menu), saved in cfg file
- Reset button added in audio out routing dialog box
- Multiple document could be now opened in command line
- BPM calculator added in tools menu
- Delay Calculator added in tools menu
- Reset to default colors added in skin configuration

26-aug-2008 version

+ Resampling:
- Downsampling filter/interpolation bug fixed
- Various type of interpolation added: polynome 2, 3, 4 degrees
- Band limited resampling added (for down sampling)
- Various anti aliasing filter qualities added

+ More file formats supported
- Ogg Vorbis support added : see our forum for more information about support setup
- WavPack decoder added : see our forum for more information about support setup

+ Spectrum analysis improved:
- -200dB floor level added
- Calculation precision improved
- Color changed to have better visualization
- Multichannel support

+ Sonogram:
- Calculation precision improved
- Sonogram is now in color! (black and white is always possible in "Settings" menu)
- Multichannel support

+ VST rack:
- VST GUI dialog box is now resizable (bottom right corner)
- Directory scan added
- 'wavosaur.vst': vst file list created with full open and editable format

+ Oscilloscope:
- Sonogram view is now in color!
- Various improvements and bug fixed

- Pitch shift quality improved
- Previous marker shortcut is now shift+tab
- Shift+home and Shift+end added (selection behavior)
- Marker limit increased
- Mouse wheel behavior updated: possibility to zoom on mouse pointer (F3 & F4 behavior) in editor configuration dialog box

+ Batch processor updated:
- Convert to mp3 192 kbit/s
- Insert 0.5 seconds at begining
- Wavpack and ogg support for batch converting

- Scrollbar bug fixed
- Ctrl+left or right arrows: multiply or divide selection by 2 (or custom factor, see cfg file, SelectionMultDivFactor entry)
- Note value added in custom loop dialog box
- Page up page down keys behavior improved
- ASIO : Mbox 2 support, 24 bit LSB compatibility

+ Bit depth converter:
- Dialog box parameters memorized in ini file
- Dithering added: 1 and 2 bits white noise
- Clipboard management improved

+ New synthesis added:
- Exponential sweep
- Linear frequency sweep
- Dirac train

- +6dB Volume bug fixed
- Audio output routing in now memorised in ini file
- Paste from clipboard as new added: Ctrl+Shift+V to create new audio file from clipboard datas
- All views flickering improved (playbar, resizing ...)
- CPU load improved

24-mar-2008 version

- Snap to zero crossing added in configuration dialog and in option menu, for selection (Ctrl+B)

+ Slicing/region features added:
- Auto slice region (alpha version): detect peak and mark region
- Scramble region (randomize region order, very interesting to find new rythms...)
- Set N regions ,dialog box added

- Clipping detection added in vu meter: reset is made clicking on red zone or in popupmenu
- Loop point "out of wav" bug fixed
- Selection bug fixed (pitch shift)
- ASIO bug fixed
- "Disable VST processing after apply" added in configuration dialog Box.
- Last files opened remembered at startup: this option could be desactivated in configuration dialog box
- Kill loop points added in batch processor

+ Popup menu (right click) on the DB bar:
- Select/deselect channel
- Solo: just the selected channel active
- Channel suppression
- Channel clone
- Blank channel insertion
- Swap channel

- Reset button added in cfg dialog box to default parameters
- Maximized child added in cfg file : 1 all child opened will be maximized, 0 child are opened with standard size and positions
- Paste replace option added in configuration dialog box
- Audio input monitoring added: button near record button to show input on vu meter

+ Midi configuration dialog box updated:
- All command codes are now configurable inside wavosaur (midi code in decimal value)
- It's possible to reset all the command to default values (Reset button added)

+ Convert to mono
- Mix all channels added (multichannel support)
- Selection of center, back left and back right added

- Popup menu added on time bar (right click) to change time format
- Resample check box memorized

01-dec-2007 version

- Audio configuration dialog bug fixed (happening with RME Asio)
- Middle button on mouse is now active for moving sound file when right-click is used for contextual menu. Otherwise this is the right button that is used for dragging the waveform.
- Zoom on mouse pointer added : use the F3 and F4 keys to zoom on mouse pointer.
- Selection, markers and loop behavior improved (dragging and moving).

+ Multimedia keyboard keys support:
- Use you keyboard to command Wavosaur playing : Play, stop, next and previous command added
- It could be desactivated in editor configuration dialog

- Add marker by midi command added (MIDI CC 39): see .cfg file to configure the midi CC
- Sample edition added in 'Tools' menu: you can change the value of a single sample with the mouse.
- Add loop command added in batch processor: automatically add loop points at start and end of the processed files.

+ VST Rack updated:
- Up and down added to change the VST order ; use these button to move up or down the VST plugins in the effects chain.
- Mute, solo & reset function added for each VST plugin : you can now bypass or solo the plugins in the effects chain.
- Apply bug fixed

- Autoscrolling during play added: the feature could be desactivated in configuration dialog box
+ Vu meter added:
- Dockable
- Menu 'View'->Vu meter
- Configurable scale (popup menu for right click, saved in ini)

- Gapper effect updated: possibility to change gap frequency (start frequency and end frequency)
- Frequency editor parameters saved in ini file, check button added (menu)

+ Option toolbar added:
- Various configurations
- Show on/off selection grid lines & horizontal marker added

- Import binary bug fixed (frequency reset)
- ALAW & ULAW saving bug fixed
- Playbar behavior updated (arrow key and page up&dn)
- Grid lines automatically turned off for small selection
- Frequency editor updated with -60dB level
- Red noise synthesis added (brown(ian) noise by white integration)
- Main window positions and sizes are now memorized (ini file): it's always possible to show the window maximized at startup in Editor configuration dialog box.
- Reminder on close modified
- Ctrl+E added to zoom on selection
- Ctrl+R added to zoom out full

01-jul-2007 version

+ New : volume automation added!
You can insert and edit a multi-point volume enveloppe, edit the volume enveloppe while listening to your sample in real time.
- Double click to add point
- Double click on point to delete
- Right click on points to select point type and other features
- Linear, Smoothy, Hold and Curve point added
- Apply volume automation on current file
- Reset list of points to 0dB
- Kill all automation points
- Real time playing of automation
- Volume automation is saved to wav file (SDK available soon for dev: contact us for more details)
- Volume automation toolbar added

+ Full support of GUI less VST:
VST without GUI can be tweaked now.
- VST rack updated to support tweaking with slider
- Parameter display in text field

+ VST rack news:
- Toolbar bug fixed
- Rack dialog box is now minimizable
- VST plugin GUI is now minimizable
- Double click added to open VST GUI in plugin list
- Only selected channel are processed (unselected channel are ignored)

- All wavosaur toolbars are movable, dockable and positions are memorized
- First version of french translation available Wavosaur. copy this file inside your wavosaur directory
- Loop properties dialog box added: possibility to change midi note, type etc.

+ 64 bits wav file support:
- Import binary
- Batch processor
- 'New' dialog updated

- Display bug at end of file fixed
- Skin file name added in editor configuration dialog
- Unselected channel are now grayed in dB bar
- Open file dialog and save as dialog has now explorer style
- Horizontal marker added in Options menu
- Most recent file number (in File menu) is now configurable in cfg file
- Loop points toolbar added
- Lock loop and marker added in toolbars
- Scrollbar bug fixed (resizing)
- Delete marker and loop added: right click on the marker or loop point to display popup menu
- Pause button behavior changed
- VST compatibility improved

01-may-2007 version

- MP3 encoder 'lame_enc.dll' support: go to our web site for more installation informations
- Export as mp3 added in File menu with customisable options (select bitrate)
- Batch processor updated with convert to wav
- Batch processor updated with convert to mp3
- Crossfade loop added in Tool->Loop menu : first version of the Crossfade loop option is with "equal volume law" and fixed fades at 100 or 50%.
- Playbar behaviour modified in case of double Click
- Paste and mix at marker feature added
- Out of screen selection behaviour added: speed is configurable in cfg file
- 'Paste & mix' and 'Mark Selection' added in right click popup menu
- ASIO kx driver compatibility improved (16 bits MSB): Wavosaur now can work with ASIO KX drivers.
- Selection grid line bug fixed
- Big file displaying optimisation
- Loop points & markers saved when copy/cut/paste
- Custom truncate added in Effects menu
- Play from midi command bug fixed
- 8, 16, 24 & 32 bits file IO optimized: saving operations should be faster.
- Synthesis update : "Advanced" option added -> possibility to sum and multiply different synthesis
- Absolute square added in synthesis dialog
- Scrool bar bug fixed
- Delta (selection start minus selection end) added in statistics and properties box
- Custom insert silence added : insertion at end, start & cursor

+ Editor configuration dialog added:
- VST, chain files (*.sor) and sound path could be configured here (saved in cfg file)
- Reminder on close can be desactivated
- Always create new file when recording option added
- Popup menu on right click
- Selection grid line number
- Forward/Rewind speed
- Out of screen selection speed

- Auto detect region engine updated: possibility to set marker at start,end, middle and both positions
- Copy: only selected channel are copied
- Insert channel added in Process->Channel processing menu
- Selection grid line option is now for all samples and saved in cfg.
- Multichannel VST: apply function improved
- Apply VST bug fix (at end of file or selection)
- Process bit depth converter added: possibility to apply quantization
- "Gapper effect" added in "Effects" menu
- RC filter added : simulation of electronic first order RC filter
- Chebyshev filter added in Effects->Filter menu: recursive tchebysheff
filters with frequency, ripple, pole number and type
- Possibility to load multiple file in dialog box for open funtion
- Delta added in status bar

06-mar-2007 version

- MDI (Multiple Document Interface) implemented allowing:
+ Copy & paste between different opened audio files
+ Paste in new document
+ Change file by Ctrl+tab or with midi control command (ToggleWindow)
- ASIO driver implemented for audio output.
- Audio routing implemented
- Powerful real time resampling: this option is available in 'Audio configuration' menu
- Skin support: possibility to change all colors of Wavosaur! ENJOY!
- Possibility to have context menu on right click (option editable in cfg file)
- Export all region added: each region delimited by markers is flushed in wav file.
- AKAI S1000 Sample support
- SUN au and snd file support
- ADPCM Dialogic vox support
- AIF bug fixed
- File saved from record or cut datas are named "new" (no more ~tmp.wav)
- Recording when there's no opened file creates automatically a new file
-"Always create new file when recording" option (in .cfg)
- File writing improved : saving is faster
- Better VST compatibility
- GUI related bug fixed (no more CPU spikes when tweaking parameters)
- VST rack size reduced
- Options menu updated with time format and loop
- Reminder on close editable in cfg file
- 24 bits recording added for MME driver compatible in cfg file only
- Amplitude zoom enlarged
- Midi & audio configuration are now separated
- Batch processor dialog: path are now saved in ini file
- Import binary dialog: parameters are now saved in ini file
- Synthesis dialog: parameters are now saved in ini file
- New file dialog: parameters are now saved in ini file
- Playbar behaviour updated
- Statistics updated: in case of no selection, the entire file is computed
- Custom volume added
- Custom normalize added
- Custom auto detect region added
- Auto-trim added with customisable value
- Simple bit-depth converter added
- Properties added in File menu
- Export as text added in file menu
- Silence remover added in 'tools' menu
- Set selection range added in Edit menu
- Moving average filter added
- Frequency impulse train generator added in synthesis menu: useful for testing filters, a good complement to white noise analysis
- Set marker as BPM in Tools->Markers: it allows to place a marker for BPM and mesure
- Pitch shift added in Process menu
- Reload from file feature added
- Truncate feature added in Effect menu
- Scroll bar behaviour improved
- "Flower panning" visualization added!!!!
- Real time sonogram added in Oscilloscope tool
- Loop status is correctly showing in option menu
- "L" shortcut for "create loop" labeled in loop menu
- Display time options per file
- No submenu for DC remover
- "Channel mismatch paste error box" added for paste & mix
- Channel deselect now mute output
- Batch processor : output windows scrolling bug fixed
- Statistics now shows the total duration in h:m:s

14-dec-2006 version

- Save as and save implemented
- Batch processing implemented: first version with classic features like
applying VST chain effect, normalize etc for wav, aiff, iff, mp3

- Channel selection by keyboard shortcuts 1 and 2
- Export TFD datas as txt added (tools menu in frequency editor)
- Record added in tools menu
- MP3 file optimisation turbo mode, misc bugs fixed
- Last file opened memorized in cfg file
- Undo implemented on Insert Silence
- Binary file importation added in 'File' menu: 8, 16, 24, 32 bits, little
or big endian, signed or unsigned, custom channel and frequency for PCM
- Page Up & Page down shortcuts added
- Go to next and previous marker command added by tab & ² shortcuts
- Copy & paste marker in selection
- Synthesis engine added: sinus, square, ramp up & down, triangle, noise,
absolute sinus
- Shift arrow bug fixed
- Time bar upraded
- Go to loop start and loop end added
- Midi command back to start, next & previous marker, record, pause added
- Save selection as added in 'File' menu
- Mark selection added
- New Audio file dialog box added
- Resample engine added
- Iff default chunk bug fixed
- Marker toolbar added

04-dec-2006 version

- Undo implemented for trim crop & channel converting.
- "Zoom" toolbar added.
- "Process" toolbar added.
- "Tools" toolbar added.
- Rewind and fast forward button added
- Vocal remover, normalise & apply VST on selection
- MP3 maj extension detected, bad mp3 format filter added avoiding reset of the wav.
- Normalize 0dB -0.3dB -1dB -6dB added.
- Auto detect region added in Tools menu.
- DC remover added in Process menu.
- Sample editor font change.
- Record button is now red.
- Interpolate bug fix.
- All known media file filter added.
- Insert silence at end bug fix.
- Trim crop bug fix.
- Status bar bug fix.
- Memory optimisation for reverse and paste & mix function.

21-nov-2006 version

- Audio input sample rate for recording: 11025, 22050, 44100, 48000, 96000, 192kHz supported.
- Huge optimisation of the graphic engine.
- Audio input optimisation : double buffering engine.
- Audio input bit depth selection added: 8 or 16 bits (in .cfg file only).
- Last recording frequency saved in wav file.
- Zoom behaviour for max value modified to avoid redrawing.
- Possibility to change loop and markers during playing without changing playbar position.
- Markers and loop behaviour upgraded (for suppr and cut and paste function).
- Possibility to kill one marker by selecting the marker + "suppr" keys simultaneously.
- 8, 24 & 32 bits wav extraction optimized.
- Spectrum analysis: Gaussian 5 & 10 added (a coefficient) for windowing.
- Minor bugfix with the editor view.

08-nov-2006 version

- Command line arguments support.
- Default registry entry suppression: the last opened files are in ini files.
- Log, ini and cfg files are now in exe directory. These files are always generated, and could be removed
- 1 of last files opened bug fixed.
+ Spectrum analysis:
- Code optimisation.
- Papoulis window added.
+ Midi command:
- General volume added (audio engine).
- Pan added.
- Amplitude zoom reset for new sound file open.
- VST BPM added in .cfg file.
- Audio out sample rate: 11025, 22050, 44100, 48000, 96000, 192kHz etc. supported.
- Audio out bit depth selection added: 8 16 bits (in .cfg file only).

20-oct-2006 version

+ MP3 file support:
- Saturation support.
- File extraction.
- Complete file name displayed in stat box.
- MP3 loading optimization.
- Last file type memorized for open dlg box.
- File name changed in statistics dialog box.
- Key board shortcut for time zoom with arrows.
- Graphic bug fixed.
- Sound engine optimization.
+ Spectrum analysis
- Refresh function added.
- Memorize function added.
- Various windows style added: Rectangular, Bartlett, Hanning, Hamming, Blackmann, Blackmann- Harris, Gaussian 2.5.
- Fill rectangle added.

06-oct-2006 version

+ Fade in and fade out functions added:
- Exponential.
- Sinus.
- Square.
- Cubic.
+ Undo for all fade functions, mute, normalize, invert, swap channel, interpolate.
+ Undo functions optimization.
+ Zoom optimization.
+ Midi input message optimisation for play pause.
+ Frequency editor update.
- Y Axes added.
- Adjustable level.
- X Logarithmic 10 scale.
- Multi instance of the frequency editor can be open.
+ Oscilloscope update.
- Multi instance of the oscilloscope can be open.
- Visualisation optimization.
- Panning.
- Real Time FFT.
+ Output driver oscilloscope added with the same characteristic.

12-sep-2006 version

- Loop point locking in loop and markers menu.
- Loop point locking added in cfg file.
- Dirac synthesis at cursor.
- Step synthesis at cursor.
- End of wav selection bug fixed.
- Memory optimisation during mono stereo conversion.
- Amp zoom bug fixed.
- Suppr and cut bug fixed.
- Maj file opening bug fixed.
- IFF (8SVX & 16SV) support added.
- Audio driver started at start up.
- IFF bug fixed.
- General information added in statistics: loop list, markers, channel etc.
- Export as txt added in statistics dialog box .
- Undo button added in main toolbar.
- Default chunk bug fixed.

21-jun-2006 version

- Zoom greater than 1:1.
- Invert fonction added in process menu.
- Swap channel function added in process menu.
- Interpolate fonction added in tool menu.
- Sonogram added (black and white) for MONO sample.
- Trim crop button added, trim crop also added in the edit menu.
- Keyboard shorcuts displayed in the menu.
- Zoom bugfixes.
- Playing behaviour improved :
- Playing now stop at end of selection.
- No more bug when play from start with a selection & loop on.
- Bugfix when play from start and then pause before or after a selection.
- Load fxp.
- Save fxb.
- Save fxp.
- Bugfixes with cut & trim functions.
- Nugfixes with the "new" function.

10-jun-2006 version

- Undo (up to ten) added, ctrl+z or edit menu, undo is effective for :
- Suprr.
- Cut.
- Paste.
- Apply VST
- Audio inadded in config dialog. You can choose the audio port for recording.
- Record engine full working, recorded data is appended at the end of the current waveform.
- When recording a markers is added (at start of recording).
- markers naming improved.
- Markers and loop points can be dragged with the mouse.
- Double click to select data between loop points.
- Markers are now correctly imported and displayed.
- Real time oscilloscope added ("o" key or tool menu).
- Spectrum Analysis on selection ("f" key or tool menu).
- 3D Spectrum Analysis ("k" key or tool menu) on selection, wiew can be moved on the 3 axis with the arrow keys ("w" and "x" keys for the z-axis).
- 3D view improved.
- Predfined view added for 3D spectrum.
- Import Aiff files improved.
- Arrow keys to move the playing bar.
- Insert silence added in process menu.
- Bugfix with import file with "bad extension".
- Various bugfixes on the graphics.
- Loading .fxb bug fixed.

23-may-2006 version

- Insert Markers added.
- Import Aiff files.
- Statistics tool (on selection) added.
- Spectrum Analysis engine is working.
- MIDI config Bugfixes.

08-may-2006 version

- Cut/del/paste improved (speed and ram usage).
- Display improved.
- Load and display sample loop points.
- Moop creation (with "l" key or menu).
- "MIDI in" is active (play/stop/rewind/fastforward on MIDI CC 34 35 36 37).
- Horizontal scrollbar added.
- Config dialog access via the option menu.

17-apr-2006 version

- New VST Rack :
Load,kill,view VST.
Load fxb.
Load/save/reset chain.
- CTRL+mousewheel to zoom amplitude (+bugfixes).
- SHIFTt+arrow to make selection.
- Remember last folder opened (temporary fixed to 4).
- Vocal remover (remove center material) added.
- Bugfixes : loading from the recent menu list bug.
- Remember loop state in .cfg.
- You can now choose the buffer size in config dialog.
- Different time display option added.
- volume (+6dB or -6dB) added in menu process.
- Normalize is effective on the entire wav instead of selection only.
- Bugfixes with normalize.
- Bugfixes with sample opening.
- VST Host clipping bug fixed.

09-apr-2006 version

- Drag and drop for opening wav file.
- Display time (in sample) while playing.
- CTRL+a to select all.
- Delete to cut file.
- Pause implemented.
- Back to start now working well (when there's a selection).
- Bugfixes, optimisation.
- 32 bits ieee float wav loading fixed .
- Graphics optimisation.
- Recent opened files in file menu.
- Menu option added (with selection grid line).
- Audio output saved in configuration file (.cfg).
- Loading .wav is faster.
- Convert to mono improved.
- Scale in dB added.

03-apr-2006 version

-Added a config dialog for selection audio output.
(currently the config is not saved).

03-apr-2006 version

- Various bugfixes.
- Menu process added with:
- Fade in/out.
- Reverse.
- Mute.
- Convert to stereo/mono.

02-apr-2006 version

- Bug in selection fixed.

02-apr-2006 version

- CPU load improved.
- Zoom on selection improved.
- Apply VST effect (destructive) added.
- CRTL+T for trim/crop.
- Spacebar = play/stop.

31-mar-2006 version

- Zoom improved.
- Wav files load faster.
- Wav file info in status bar.

29-mar-2006 version

- Play From Start (not full working).
- New, Back to Start.
- Zoom selection improved.

26-mar-2006 version

- VST processing enabled.
- Play loop, Sample nb in statusbar.
- Double click to select all wav.
- Maximise at startup.

25-mar-2006 version

- Alpha release:
- cut, copy paste and copy to clipboars implemented.
- VST Host implemented.

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