Free VST multiFX plugins

Luxonix multiFX LFX-1310 VST

Luxonix lfx-1310 multi fx VST GUI A good free multi effect VST with a lot of FX : filters, distortions, modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser), differents reverb types and delay effects (ping pong delay, stereo delay)
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KarmaFX modular VST

Karma FX modularVST GUI KarmaFX is a donationware modular synth, and it comes with an VST effect version : you can use the internal effects the modular way. It's very powerful and offers great quality effect and infinite combination between modules!
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Debaser free multiFX VST

Debaser free multi FX VST GUI Debaser free is the free 2 units version of Debaser. You can chain is serial or parallel the different effects : autopan, distorsion, chorus, delay, filter & ring modulator.
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