Skin files for Wavosaur free audio editor

Give a new fresh look to the Wavosaur editor window!
Download and unzip the .skin file into your Wavosaur folder (or anywhere you want)
Launch Wavosaur, go in menu->Options->Editor configuration
Locate your .skin file and load it. Et voilà.

Agrumosaur fresh version Agrumosaur 1 fresh version
download Wavosaur skin
Agrumosaur cytron version Agrumosaur 2 cytron version
download Wavosaur skin
Cryptosaur matryx version Cryptosaur 2 matrix version
download Wavosaur skin
Draculosaur : bloody Draculosaur 1 bloody version
download Wavosaur skin
Technosaur : aciiiiiiiid Technosaur 1 free party version
download Wavosaur skin
Toiletosaur (lavander pecu remix) Toiletosaur 1 pecu edit
download Wavosaur skin
Silverwave ! Competosaur 2 silverwave version
download Wavosaur skin
Competosaur 4 : counter mike edit Competosaur 4 counter spike version
download Wavosaur skin
Girlosaur : 100% girly 100% tapage Girlosaur 1 romantic version
download Wavosaur skin
Goldenosaur : cash Goldenosaur 1 rich uncle version
download Wavosaur skin
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