6.2. Basic audio editing

Basic features can be accessed from menu/toolbar/shortcuts:

Standard toolbar

delete		DEL
cut 		CTRL+X
copy 		CRTL+C
paste 		CTRL+V
trim/crop	CTRL+T
undo		CTRL+Z

Note about paste:
Paste is inserting the clipboard data at cursor
If there's a selection you have two options :
- paste replace (default behaviour) : the selection is replaced by the clipboard.
- paste insert : the clipboard is inserted at cursor without replacing selection.
You can copy/paste from one file to another,
note that if the samplerate between source and destination files are different, the clipboard is not resampled.

Note about channel:
At the moment, copy/paste between two files with different channels number is not allowed.

A context menu can be displayed on right click, see the editor configuration window
Contextual menu in Wavosaur

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