6.1. Select / zoom / scroll

Markers edition in Wavosaur
Use the mouse to select an audio range.
You can also use your keyboard : Shift + Arrow
CTRL+A select all the file.
Double mouse click select all the file (if there's no loop points or markers)
Double mouse click select data inside a loop if loop point are presents.
Double mouse click select data between two markers if markers are presents.

Use mouse right click + drag to move the view.
You can also use the scrollbar.

Use the mousewheel to zoom in/out in time, you can also use the up an down arrow keys on your keyboard.
Use CTRL+mousewheel to zoom in/out in amplitude

Channel selecting:
Use your keyboard (the 1...8 keys) to select/deselect the wav channels : the deselected channel have their output muted.

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