5.1. Audio transport bar / playing audio

The playing functions are grouped in the Transport Bar:

transport play bar

Record:			Record audio data (see 5.2).
Play from start:	Play once the entire wav from start.
Play:			Play the audio at cursor position.
Pause:			Stop the audio and set the cursor position.
Stop:			Stop the audio.
Go to start:		Set the cursor at start of the file.
Fast rewind:		Rewind the playbar.
Fast forward:		Move the playbar faster.
Go to end:		Set the cursor at end of the file.
Loop on/off:		When off, the playing is looped (infinite).

When a selection is active, the play starts at "selection start" and stops at "selection end", and the loop is effective on the selection.
You can also play (normal) by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard or with a MIDI command.

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