Wavosaur has no fancy installer, it comes as a simple executable stored in a .zip archive.
To install Wavosaur you just have to uncompress the .zip archive and drop the Wavosaur executable anywhere you want.
It's recommended to create a "Wavosaur" folder and copy the executable in this folder.

Wavosaur create a config file (wavosaur.cfg), all the configuration informations are stored in this file.
Wavosaur create also a ini file (wavosaur.ini) for storing other informations like "last opened files".
A wavosaur.log file is created as a debug tool, it won't exist in future releases.

Wavosaur does not write any informations in the registry (for version >=
Wavosaur come as a simple and light file (<1 Mo) and is quickly configurable so you can set it and use it very fast, and take it with you on a USB flash drive for example.

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