Latest Wavosaur news : software update, releases and website news

06 jun 2009:
Wavosaur is out !
Now with unlimited undo, the editing is easier and more powerful than ever.

Wavosaur is released

04 nov 2008:
Streamosaur is out !
Streamosaur is a new audio tool software for recording any audio stream, direct to disk in wav or MP3.
More info at

Streamosaur is out

26 aug 2008:
Wavosaur is released !
Now import Ogg Vorbis and Wavpack files, + better resampling and more features.
Go to the the forum for more help.

Wavosaur new version is out

14 july 2008:
Wavosaur is featured in Com! magazine

Wavosaur in com! magazine

23 june 2008:
Find a nice article about Wavosaur in the Computer Music Special with the 100 best free music-making tool selection on CD.
Read more about this nice issue here :
You can get the issue here

Wavosaur featured in CM special

11 april 2008:
Wavosaur is featured on the cover CD in the next issue of PC Welt magazine

Wavosaur in PC Welt

25 march 2008:
Wavosaur is released !


20 march 2008:
Wavosaur is featured in the April issue of Chip magazine

Wavosaur in CHIP magazine

11 feb 2008:
Wavosaur is featured in the Feb issue of Computer Bild magazine

Wavosaur in Computer Bild

01 dec 2007:
Wavosaur v1.0.1.0 is released
You now can move and bypass/solo the VST plugins in the VST rack.
Output vu-meter added, bugfixes.
See history for more informations.

01 nov 2007:
Wavosaur v1.0.0.9000 is available on the cover DVD of PC Professionale magazine

PC Professionale magazine cover

01 jul 2007:
Wavosaur v1.0.0.9000 is out !
Volume automation added.
VST compatibility improved, support GUI less VST plugins
Wavosaur is now available in french. .

18 may 2007:
Wavosaur featured in the May issue of SWPower Magazine

SWPower magazine

01 may 2007:
Wavosaur v1.0.0.8000 is released !
Export MP3 via the lame encoder.
VST multichannel compatibility improved.
Crossfade loop added.
Many new features added (filter effects, gapper effect, new synthesis options)
And many more.

06 mar 2007:
Wavosaur v1.0.0.7000 is out !
Multiple document support : copy, paste, mix from different files in one session.
ASIO drivers support.
VST compatibility improved.
Many new features added (auto trim, real time resampling, context menu etc.)
Skin support (check the new Wavosaur skin page)
Check the Wavosaur features page for an overview of Wavosaur features.

Wavosaur 7000 screenshot

09 feb 2007:
Wavosaur featured in the March issue of DTM Magazine

DTM Magazine

09 feb 2007:
Wavosaur featured & reviewed in the issue 84 of PC Utilities magazine

PC Utilities magazine cover

14 dec 2006:
Wavosaur is now in beta stage, v1.0.0.6000 can save files.

Wavosaur 6000

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