How to use remove noise with Wavosaur and ReaFIR

To perform noise removal in Wavosaur, load the ReaFIR VST plugin, you can find it here :
Extract the plugins dll in your plugins folder (or anywhere you want).

Noisy sample


Load the sound file you want to clean.
Click on the rack button to open the VST rack, click load and load reafir_standalone.dll.

Substracting mode ReaFIR


Click view on the VST rack to show the VST interface.
Select "substract" mode in the plugin dropdown list.

Noise selection in ReaFIR


Find in your file a part where you can hear the noise only, select this noise part, try to have enough samples to get a good representation of the noise.

Building noise profile


Check the "processing" checkbox in Wavosaur next to the Rack button, check the "automatically build noise profile" on the ReaFIR VST plugin : play the noise to get the noise profile. The noise profile is now displayed (in red).

Noise substracting in realtime


Now uncheck the "automatically build noise profile". You can unselect the noise part on the wave file and play your sound : ReaFIR will perform the noise substraction.

adjusting noise substracting


You can hold CTRL and click+drag the noise profile (in red) to raise or lower it, so you can adjust the level of the substraction : lower the noise profile to have less artefacts (but noise won't be completely removed, you have to find the just balance).
You can also hold SHIFT and click drag to change/edit to noise profile.

cleaned sample


When you are satisfied with the results, click apply to process the file. The noise is removed from the original file.

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