How to use VST plugin effects with Wavosaur

VST rack button


Open the VST Rack by clicking on the" Rack" Button located under the transport bar.

Loading VST into the rack


Select "Load VST" and choose your plugin DLL in the dialog box.

VST presets selector


Click on "View" to open the VST effect GUI.
You can browse through the preset in the preset list (the second tab).

Processing checkbox


Check "Processing" : now the played audio is processed in real time by the VST.
You can tweak the VST parameters and hear the changes in real time.

Apply VST button


Click "Apply" if you want to apply the process to your audio file.
Don't forget to uncheck the "processing" unless you want to hear your audio re-processed.

editing cfg file


You can edit the wavosaur.cfg file to define a preferred path for the VST plugins.
Find the VSTPathOpen line and edit the path under this line (default is C:\).

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